Yearbook Designer

Blossom knew that to grow in the yearbook industry, they would need custom business software that would allow customers to express their creativity when designing their organization’s yearbook, but without the hefty licensing fees existing desktop software charged for each user.

The Challenge

Blossom Yearbooks requested a web based tool that would allow students and teachers across the country to compile sentimental photographs, memorable quotes, and nostalgic moments into an attractive layout. Where would you find an online utility that allows users to easily piece together professional looking books and export them in a format useful for a printing press?

The Solution

Netkinetix sat down and discussed the problem with Blossom’s staff, defining a custom web application that could cover the countless contingencies that might arise when a group of students work together on a book. The final solution is a dynamic canvas based book designer, complete with a plethora of tools. The new software let students use:

  • Templates and layouts generated by Blossom’s designers
  • Versatile upload utilities
  • Easy to use portrait page services
  • A wide variety of image filters
  • Scores of fonts

These and many other features combined to allow users to generate print ready files that will become their custom designed yearbook. Perhaps the biggest advantage: Blossom’s marketing team could now allow users to create books without an upfront purchase commitment to cover licensing fees.

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