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Online recruitment software solutions – also known as application tracking systems (ATS) have revolutionized the hiring process for many businesses, enterprise and smaller corporations alike. They strive to solve one of the biggest difficulties most companies face today: finding qualified applicants. Many of these issues can be handled with recruitment software. Some of the many benefits to such a system are reduced overhead in Human Resources, better matching of candidate to job, reduced paper shuffling, and tracking of sensitive information such as critical government mandated Equal Employment Opportunity data. Even beyond these benefits to the company, online job postings allow a greater range of candidates to find you, and filling out applications online can allow prospective applicants to apply for multiple positions within your company without having to laboriously rewrite long applications. We will go into the above points in more detail below, starting with the online job posting itself and moving through to the "back-end" benefits.

Application Tracking Systems in Software

Assuming your company has a website, why not post job openings there? Many companies do so even if they are already using a jobs site such as Monster, SnagAJob or Stack Overflow. The applicant can learn about your company while on the site which immediately lets them know more about you and what you do. Hence, if they are still applying then they are definitely interested in your company.

Doing more than just manually posting jobs to your website gives you much more flexibility. Adding in a fully data-driven jobs posting system will allow you to run job postings with a start-and-end posting date that will automatically show and remove the posting on the specified dates. You can also attach files to the job posting giving even more detail on the posting or adding critical information applicants should be aware of. Finally, if you add in an online application system, you can have the user automatically apply for the specific job posting they are interested in.

Customized Application Tracking Options

There are a number of ways to handle online applications. Some companies have simply had a single large form the applicant fills out and submits. There is no sign-in system, it is simply a one shot deal where the applicant must have all their relevant data ready to go and submit the form as their application. This places the onus on the applicant to "get it right the first time" and is certainly one way to guarantee the applicant is organized. The other way to go is to create a sign-in system with a login/logout procedure. This allows an applicant to create a secure login and return as many times as needed to complete their application. The benefits of this type of system are many for both the applicant and the company. The applicant can keep a template of their application, and change it as needed either to apply for multiple jobs across the company, or as circumstances in their life change. The company will receive more applications tailored to fit a specific role, allowing for a better selection process within the company. The applicant can also attach resumes and other pertinent information. For instance, should the position require specific credentials, copies of the credentials could be attached to the application.

Internal Application Tracking

Once an application is submitted, the real benefits of an online employment application system become apparent. To begin, the reduction in paperwork is amazing. Even a small company can get thousands of employment applications in a year. Just keeping all the applications organized takes up a lot of hours in Human Resources that can be applied to better tasks. With an online system, the Human Resources personnel can peruse applicants just by popping open a browser, logging in, and simply tagging those that fit the requirements for further consideration. They can also tag applicants for other positions that may or may not have been posted, for future positions, or simply reject them. Rejection letters or cards can be generated right away and sent with minimal effort. Those that do to elicit another glance can be given first interviews by Human Resources, or can be routed to the departments that will actually do the hiring for further interviews.

Of course other authorized departments/personnel can also access the application at any time. However, there is certain information that can be hidden from unauthorized personnel, particularly the Equal Employment Opportunity information, social security numbers, and any other information deemed sensitive. These persons can add interview notes, suggestions for further review, etc. to the application, all online, again saving time shuffling papers.

Automated Reporting

The savings in man-hours can continue. The Equal Employment Opportunity information can be generated into a report at a moment's notice, saving valuable time collating data from hundreds or even thousands of applications into a report for an Equal Employment Opportunity audit. Previous applications can be found at a moment's notice, allowing secondary or tertiary candidates to be reviewed for newly opened positions. You can tag existing applicants for future review, directly invite them to an interview, or even tie your interview schedule into your website and allow them to schedule themselves. If someone does bring in a paper application it can be entered into the system either by Human Resources personnel or by the applicant themselves at computer kiosks in the reception area, completely eliminating paper applications and the associated headaches with paper copies. In the case of a custom ATS, you could have the ability to scan and attach the original document, saving even more time. This only scratches the surface of what automated reporting can do for you. Custom recruiting software will let you use uploaded applications for any data search you can imagine.


To wrap up, implementing an online application tracking software solution can provide savings throughout the hiring process. Benefits include reduced paper handling, applications more targeted to the posted position, keeping unauthorized personnel away from sensitive data, and easy report generation for EEO audits. There are a number of systems to do this including custom tailored software, "software-as-a-service," and others purchased as a software suite. Some do part of what I have described above, none do it all. A custom software solution to fit your needs is the ideal for any company. Of course, the though the cost of one that does everything has to be balanced by return on investment and careful consideration of your current and future needs.

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