Netkinetix can help you minimize your hardware and IT support requirements while maintaining scalability and flexibility of computing platforms with cloud computing and Microsoft Azure. When you are ready for cloud computing, Microsoft Azure may be your ideal choice.

How Can Azure Help You

Reduce overhead

Netkinetix can help you make the jump to cloud computing and reduce your IT overhead. Cloud based systems like Azure are easier to use than in-house to use and require no maintenance. Much of the security and updating are handled by the service provider, reducing your need for IT staff. Going with Azure means you can lower your costs even further. Azure calculates resources by the hour, so if your processes allow, you can even shut down your virtual machines overnight and start them in the morning.

Run your apps everywhere

Of course, being a web-based service not only can you run your apps anywhere, but you can also access your virtual servers from anywhere in the world. Not only can you run your virtual servers from anywhere, but with industry leader Microsoft Azure they can be in locations around the world ensuring fast service where it is needed.


Azure is scalable as you need it. When your business grows, there is no need to invest in expensive hardware or software to keep it running. Azure’s pay-as-you-go services will match your needs.


You may still be wary of putting your sensitive information into the cloud. To address these concerns Microsoft has launched Azure Government, a stand-alone version of Azure designed to meet compliance requirements of the U.S. government. But if you work internationally as well, then Azure meets the European Union’s data protection laws as well along with the international cloud privacy standard ISO 27018. You can be confident your data is secure.

Expanding your in-house IT

If you already have a large IT staff and data center, our experience in Azure can still bring benefits to your business. We can integrate Azure into an existing IT environment with secure private connections and hybrid database and storage solutions. You can decide what data stays in your data center and what can be moved off-site, so your data is under your control.

Give cloud computing a try with Microsoft’s Azure. We can help get you running with a whole new world of computing today.

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