Systems Integration by Netkinetix

When you need to bring your business systems together, think Netkinetix. We have been helping companies to organize, collate, and validate their data across multiple systems and operations. With our wide experience we can bridge the gap between most business systems on the market today.

Why Netkinetix as your Systems Integrator

We understand business systems because we understand how business operates. Our experience in logistics, marketing, sales, and service industries means we have the knowledge to handle whatever disparate systems we need to target. For instance, if you need production data from diverse plants brought into your ERP, we have done it. If your point-of-sale software doesn’t talk to your back-office systems, we can seamlessly integrate the two.

Of course, the main reason to integrate your business systems is to save money. Building a seamless business system brings together the data silos that restrict efficient decision making, reduces the points of human error, and lowers labor costs. System integration will do all of this while improving your reporting and allowing you to make better, more informed decisions.

In order to do all this, we evaluate your current systems and processes to truly understand your needs. Then we can make the best possible solution that will work for you, while offering the best value. We also understand this is your business, and it needs to keep running while the phase-in of new systems takes place. We work with you as a partner to make all this possible.

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