Netkinetix is offering Xamarin development services because it is simply a better way to develop web applications. By using the Xamarin development environment we can build apps in C#, and share the same code on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Why should you care about Xamarin? Because using the same code base is a huge advantage over developing code for each major platform. Some of the significant benefits are:

  • Developers can concentrate on a single development environment, which eases the learning curve.
  • Xamarin is compatible with major software development patterns such as MVC (Model-View-Controller)
  • No need to re-code in a different language for each platform

Other benefits of Xamarin include automated testing on the Xamarin Test Cloud, full support to device-specific features and components like camera, accelerometer, GPS etc., and it is easier to make the app look native to the platform as it uses native API access as well as native components for the user interface on major platforms.

The bottom line is Xamarin is the development environment of choice if you are building cross platform applications. Let Netkinetix help you to bring your app out into a larger world with Xamarin Development.

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