Business App VS Consumer App


Mobile Apps for business are different from consumer based apps in that they:

Consumer apps are written for a mass market, and are designed directly or indirectly to generate revenue. A business app is designed to increase user productivity. That forces a rethinking of design issues. Of course you still want ease of use and an intuitive user interface, but the objective is not to delight the users, instead, the focus is on productivity.

Other issues also come to the fore with mobile business apps. You likely need to connect to existing databases and specialized technologies such as scanners, printers, etc. Unlike consumer mobile apps, which come and go with amazing rapidity, a business mobile app may be in use for years. This means you will want to design longevity into the app and minimize changes with new mobile devices.

Finally, you will need reliable support for your IT infrastructure for as long as your mobile business app is needed. We have been here since 1997, and we plan on being around to assist you for years to come.

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