SAAS Project Management Software

Unifie is a web software that is designed to facilitate the execution of your company’s strategic plan by your team in an accountable, transparent, and methodical manner!


The Challenge

Unifie was born out of the frustration of trying to keep track of all the ‘moving parts’ of day-to-day team management. The visionary founders were exposed to many management methods and tools, all good in their place, but lacking the ‘cohesiveness’ of a centralized system.


The Solution


Working with the visionary founders Netkinetix developed a smooth and easy to work with management system. All companies are different, and Netkinetix developed Unifie with that in mind. Unifie has the ability to create and manage projects for small groups and companies to large corporations. With a built-in meeting system and organization chart it makes keeping track of people and task a breeze.

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