PHP is a high powered open source language and the chosen language for the site you are currently viewing. Commonly used as a server-side scripting language, it is also used as a general purpose programming language. Running best on Linux, PHP offers a super secure environment and unparalleled performance. It is an unwritten rule that a good Content Management System will always be in PHP, so it should be no surprise that most of our CMS sites run on PHP. As Microsoft begins to more commonly support these open source languages, it opens the window of possibilities even further for our clients offering more solutions with less regard for the operating system it's running under.


MySQL is a very popular open source relational database management system. We utilize MySQL to support data requirements when developing using PHP and to power the majority of our CMS(Content Management System)designs. As technology moves forward, we are finding Microsoft beginning to embrace and support it in the .Net framework. MySQL is poised to add to it's already successful reputation and become even more widely adopted.

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