HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery

These are old standards, familiar to most developers and web aficionados. However like all computer technology, they continue to advance and Netkinetix moves with them. We use HTML5's new additions to save time building your UI and as a base for the unlimited potential released when you apply CSS3 and jQuery to it. With CSS3, we are able to do everything from adding a page background to 3D animations. Html5 defines how a page will be laid out, while CSS defines how the page elements will be styled. jQuery is a set of powerful libraries based in JavaScript that make once hard to code functions much easier and convenient, allowing for better presentation and browser processing at a lower cost to the client.


An Industry leading open source language, Java runs everything from manufacturing control boxes to wrist watches to desktop and web applications. Java prides itself on the ability to go anywhere through it use of the Java Virtual Machine intermediary compiler. This allows a single code base to be compiled specifically for the target device without the need to rewrite code for each target platform. That means you will save money when moving source code between platforms.

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