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Whether you need increased security, new functionality, or your database is simply getting too large, we can convert your Microsoft Access to a web application running on Microsoft SQL Server. We must be good at it, we have been converting MS Access databases to web apps for nearly two decades.

Why Migrate Microsoft Access to a web app running on SQL Server?

Why convert from Access to a web app? Most companies find many different reasons for the switch. Several are:

  1. Accessibility - Anywhere you can get internet access you can get to a web app. Your web browser will give you control of your data, whether that browser is on the desktop, a tablet, or even your phone.
  2. Flexibility - A web app gives you flexibility over data presentation that Access can only aspire to. The presentation of forms and reports can be infinitely customized to your exact specifications.
  3. Greater performance - Unlike Access, SQL Server can handle very large databases and complicated data queries with little reduction in speed. SQL Server will break complex queries into multiple threads and work on those threads in parallel, speeding the delivery of data back to your web application.
  4. Data recovery - Access does not have built in backup capability. In SQL Server, there are automated backup procedures that can be run even if users are using the system, and transaction logs that can be used to roll back procedures if there are problems.
  5. Improved security - Access databases are often unsecured, any user with permissions to your file system can copy an Access database to a flash drive and walk away with it. It would be much more difficult to do this with a SQL Server installation. Also, SQL Server can be integrated with Windows security for a single point of control, or SQL Server’s own security can be used for more granular control of data access.
  6. Support for many users - Access can quickly become bogged down if there are many users sharing the same resources. SQL Server is designed for many users accessing the system and sharing much of the same data without any noticeable delays.

If your Access database is working great for you and security is not a concern, there is no reason to make a change. But if you have noticed corrupt data, slow processing times, or need tighter control over your data, it might be time for you to upgrade your database. We have helped many other businesses migrate from Microsoft Access, so give us a call today for a free consultation.

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