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Mobile business apps are what we do. Whether you are starting out in business, or have an established business presence, we can help you get started utilizing mobile technology in your business.

During our 15 years in the business we have helped single person businesses to large corporations get on the mobile business app bandwagon. Whether your need is for Android™ or iOS™, tablet or phone our team of La Crosse Wisconsin based programmers, is available to help you realize your vision.

What's the difference?

There are literally 1000's of companies out there developing mobile apps, what Netkinetix offers over those other companies is that we've been developing custom web, desktop and mobile business software for over 15 years. Many of those other companies have just surfaced recently and focus primarily on consumer based apps which we all love and are familiar with, but developing mobile apps for business is much different than developing consumer apps. Here are just a few things to consider when developing for business app vs. consumer app market

Mobile Deployment Strategies, what's right for you?

When you think of working on a mobile device, what comes to mind is a native mobile app downloaded and installed on the device from an app store, but there are other options. A mobile device can also be used to access online web business applications built specifically for use on mobile devices, this is called mobile web. Alternatively a hybrid system that uses both strategies can often be the most effective way to go. Choosing the best path requires experience in mobile app programming and knowledge of your business process and needs. Together we can build a tool that works for your business most effectively. Here is a comparison of mobile deployment strategies. Together we can put together a package to get your mobile business app running and saving you time and money.

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