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With changes to the mobile world happening at a rapid pace, the app vs. mobile web question will remain a very real consideration for the foreseeable future. We look at the following to make the decision on whether to deploy a mobile application as a full app, a mobile website, or as a hybrid of the two.

Mobile web

  • Operates in the mobile browser, so it works on any device
  • No app store needed
  • Can be built to work with all screen sizes
  • Requires web access
  • Only requires one update to the web server to change everywhere

An example of a mobile website would be an order, pay, and go site for a restaurant. The menu could constantly change, but it is always updated in the mobile browser.

Native App

  • Operates on your mobile, so no web access needed
  • Can be built to hook into the mobile devices built-in capabilities
  • Built for specific devices and screens, so development can be shorter, but more limited device selection
  • Updates requires updating the mobile device

An inventory control app would be a native app as it needs deep integration with the mobile device and needs to work where the web is unavailable.


  • Installed on device and embedded in mobile web browser
  • Has the pros and cons of both mobile and native apps.

Often used for apps such as bank transactions where most repetitive tasks take place on the device, but occasional tasks like opening an IRA account would be done on the mobile web.

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