Microsoft® C#

C# is a robust, high powered language we frequently use when programming for Microsoft Windows' .Net framework. Offering a clean and versatile syntax, C# allows developers of every level of sophistication to quickly produce robust and flexible applications. Whether on a web server or your desktop, C# is the go-to language for a large and ever growing number of developers around the world.

Microsoft® SQL Server

Often considered to be the most powerful and developer friendly of all database server environments, SQL Server allows for high powered query ability, backed up by exceptional connectivity and security. Along with tie-ins to .Net CLR (Common Runtime Language), if SQL Server can't do it, it probably can't be done.

Microsoft® Visual Basic

Microsoft Visual Basic is another widely used language that leverages the .Net framework. Anywhere C# can be used, so can Visual Basic. Handling this language fluently is frequently required to handle the existing applications or integrations our clients bring to the table. Of course, if Microsoft Visual Basic is already the language of choice for your business, new applications can easily be rendered in it to preserve consistency, keeping all your applications agile and easy to manage.

WinForms and WPF

When the project calls for a desktop application, our tool box is hardly empty. For lightweight, lightening fast and friendly applications Windows Forms (WinForms) can be called upon for quick, user friendly applications. If your presentation needs are more refined, such as animations or very large amounts of data that will display at one time, WPF can tap into the power of both your processor and video acceleration to offer a robust, and down right pretty interface.

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